Thursday, March 02, 2017

UKIP: politically and financially squeezed

It seems as though UKIP aren't just being squeezed politically. The Electoral Commission are reporting that in the final quarter of 2016, they received only £33,000 in donations. It's interesting to note that the Lib Dems' donations were £1.973 million, £3K ahead of Labour.

If this minimal level of funding continues, UKIP's struggles will get worse. They will lack the funds to mount national campaigns and by-elections could prove financially impossible. So, not only are UKIP bankrupt politically (Theresa May has done a great job of attracting back the fruitcakes), their viability is looking decidedly dodgy.

And they can't sell any knighthoods either to boost funds!

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nigel hunter said...

Now that UKIP are in decline (but we must still keep one eye on them to make sure they do not have a comeback) we must turn our guns onto destroying the Tories, starting with Brexit. The Tories are using EU nationals as bargaining chips. Likewise the EU? Is this what Brexit is going to be? The Brexiteers wanting to leave the EU,The EU wanting to stand firm so others do not leave. The people on both sides will be the victims. This will damage both sides whilst the world continues and passes us by