Friday, April 07, 2017

Another tree for Sunniside

Sunhill Sunniside Apr 17

Last month we planted 100 trees on the Kingsway community orchard in Sunniside in my council ward. On Wednesday, we were investigating more tree planting. Or more specifically, we were looking at planting one tree on Sunniside Front Street, near to the new Sunhill Court. Residents have told us that they are keen to have a Christmas tree in the village. Sunniside has never before had a public Christmas tree but in neighbouring Whickham, the model of how volunteers can raise funds for a tree has been set and could possibly be followed in Sunniside.

We checked out the site with a couple of officers from Gateshead Council (owners of the open, grassed area on Sunniside Front Street) to look at where the tree and the power supply could go. I argued that we should plant a living tree rather than putting up one chopped down elsewhere and then thrown away after Christmas.

The tree plan is dependent on our raising the necessary funds and to do this we will be setting up a group of volunteers. We'll be calling for people to step up to the plate in our forthcoming Sunniside Focus.

Sunniside Front Street Apr 17 1

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