Monday, April 03, 2017

She's kidding

goat kids Apr 17 (26)

My plans for Sunday were to help out at the Whinnies Community Garden volunteers' day in the morning and then go to a meeting with representatives of the Jewish community in the afternoon. Alas, the best laid plans often fall apart from the impact of real events. In this case, the event was one of my goats having 2 babies. I keep my goats on land rented from the Whinnies so when we were helping to reassemble the garden's outdoor furniture, we heard our goat Georgina calling out. Moments later I found her cleaning up a kid. 10 minutes later, the second arrived. So I didn't get much voluntary work done and I had to send my apologies to the people who invited me to the Jewish community event.

We do however have two additions to the animals at the Whinnies and the kids will be taking a starring role when the community garden has an open day on Easter Sunday, 16th April.

goat kids Apr 17 (22)

goat kids Apr 17 (23)

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