Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Election campaign day 6: delivering in Dunston Hill

Frank Hindle Jonathan Wallace Peter Maughan Apr 17

On Sunday we headed to Dunston Hill to deliver a Focus and petition form. The lead article was about Labour's plans for hundreds of executive homes on land to the south of Whickham Highway. Though Labour had described the plans as a "myth", in 2015 they stripped the area of its greenbelt protection. Well, the planning application is now in. Labour originally allocated the site for 550 houses. The plans are for up to 582.

We got over 150 petition forms back, most signed by 2 or more people. We are still adding up the numbers and some are still coming in by post.

Once deliveries were done, I headed to Baltic Square in Gateshead for photos with Frank Hindle, our candidate for Gateshead, and Peter Maughan, who is standing for us in Jarrow (the constituency includes a couple of Gateshead wards, one of which is Pelaw which we won from Labour last year).

Gateshead Millennium Bridge Apr 17

Timing was spot on. The Millennium Bridge was raised when we were there.

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