Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Is this the beginning of the end?

I was one of those who, up to today, believed that Theresa May would stay on as Prime Minister at least until the UK had left the EU in March 2019. The Conservatives would then choose a new leader and then struggle on to the end of the Parliament, avoiding the risk of the election and hoping time would expose the Corbyn Labour Party for the unrealistic dreamers they have become. I am now changing my mind.

After today's speech by May to the Conservative conference, an event more akin to an episode of "The Thick Of It", the likelihood of an imminent Prime Ministerial resignation has grown. With her set falling apart around her, her choking on her words and a prankster whose fake P45 will probably be on most of the front pages of the press tomorrow morning, standing ovations from her cabinet colleagues may not be enough to save her. I almost feel sorry for her - almost but not quite. Her predicament was brought on by a serious miscalculation on her behalf. She sought to bounce the British public into giving her a greatly increased majority by crushing the opposition through an unnecessary snap election. She came out weaker. Sympathy is in very short supply.

The Boris Johnson vultures are circling. Perhaps she will soon be picking up her P45 after all.

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