Saturday, October 07, 2017

Self-Sufficient in Suburbia summer edition

When I'm not doing politics, I spend my time living the good life, growing my own food and doing my bit to protect the environment by living more sustainably. During the general election, this was the issue on which Labour chose to attack me. As is so often the case with all those "socialists" from relatively well-heeled backgrounds, they talk the talk of living in a particular way, but don't walk the walk. 

Anyway, I want to motivate others to do their bit as well so I produce a regular video about our self-sufficiency activities called "Self-Sufficient in Suburbia". I finished editing this one yesterday, covering the summer months. It includes the arrival of our new bees, lots of recipes (pigeon burgers, fish pie, quail egg salads etc), surplus produce swaps, a visit to the Glendale Show and lambs to slaughter, plus lots more.

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