Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Looking at the plans for Beamish at Sunniside History Society

We had a great issue to consider last night at the monthly meeting of the Sunniside History Society in Sunniside Club. Nick Butterley, project manager at Beamish Museum, gave us a fascinating presentation about the new developments which are now moving on from the planning stage to the actual cutting of turf and laying of foundations. Over the next four years, a 1950s town, extensions to the mining village and a Georgian coaching inn will be built. The houses in the 1950s town are airey homes from Kibblesworth. The first building expected to be completed will be the community centre but there will also be a cinema. I am particularly looking forward to riding on the trolley bus. One of the worst decisions taken by local and central government a couple of generations ago was to scrap trolley buses in favour of the combustion engine.

The presentation resulted in a great many questions from the audience, not surprisingly. Role on next June when the first new exhibit is expected to be opened.

The second section of the meeting was a viewing of the DVD we have made about the Fugar Hidden History project which was well received. We will be making copies of the DVD for sale over the coming weeks.

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Nigel Hunter said...

I remember trolley busses. Foe encvironmental and energy/fuel conservationissues it would be nice for them to be re-introduced.