Monday, October 02, 2017

The roundabout from hell - but not yet

Heworth roundabout Oct 17 (2)

I had a meeting this afternoon in Gateshead Civic Centre. My colleague Cllr Ian Patterson was there as well. So when the meeting was over, I gave him a lift back to Pelaw. Such car rides can often turn into useful catch-up sessions during which my group members can tell me all about what's happening in their ward. So Ian used the opportunity to update me on the plans for replacing the Heworth roundabout on the Felling by-pass. Work will not now begin until after Christmas. The roundabout will disappear and water proofing repairs will take place to the railway bridge.

When the work does begin, it will be the nightmare roundabout from hell, best avoided.

Heworth roundabout Oct 17 (1)

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