Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Chick peas at Winlaton Mill

Land of Oak and Iron Heritage Centre Aug 19

I missed the official opening of the Land of Oak and Iron Heritage Centre at Winlaton Mill because it clashed with something else I was doing. On Sunday I was able to make my first trip to the building. As I have written many times before, we need to boost the tourism economy in our area. We need places for people to visit so the Heritage Centre is an important addition to the tourism offer.

Red Kite pub Aug 19 (2)

A short walk from the Heritage Centre brought us to the Red Kite pub. I'm not a vegetarian but most of my meals are meat free to reduce the impact my lifestyle has on the environment. I have a rule which is that when I eat out (not so often these days), I eat vegetarian. So chick pea burgers were a good choice in the Red Kite on Sunday.

Red Kite pub Aug 19 (1)

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