Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Fly-tipping in Bensham

Our latest Focus newsletter in Bensham caught the attention of the local media earlier this week. Local campaigner Leanne Brand highlighted the problem of fly-tipping in the area and demanded action to put an end to the problem. A spokesman for Gateshead Council admitted in the Chronicle yesterday that "The amount of deliberate fly-tipping in the Bensham and Saltwell area is clearly much worse and more extensive than any other area of Gateshead."

Fly-tipping is carried out by a small number of selfish people who have no sense of responsibility or belief in the common good. Those responsible for fly-tipping need to be pursued and prosecuted. Significant fines and paying the costs of clean ups would be a good advert for putting your rubbish in the bin and disposing of it properly. Indeed, I would go one step further. I support community justice where it is appropriate. Making those who fly-tip clean up the mess will go some way to address the problem.

You can read the Chronicle article on this link.

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