Friday, June 23, 2017

Congratulations Jo

I'm pleased to see Jo Swinson elected as the Lib Dems' new deputy leader. I was looking through my collection of photos to add one of her to this post but discovered she is one of the few people who is, or has been, a Lib Dem MP whose photo I have not yet taken! This looks like something that will need to be corrected in the near future.

Her re-election to Parliament earlier this month was one of the results that came through after I left the Blaydon count. We were almost home when the declaration was made. It was a nice bit of news to hear after having been buried under a Labour landslide in my own constituency.

I did not have much contact with Jo when I worked for the Lib Dems up to 2009 but somehow she was able to pick me out in a crowd about 4 years ago. I was at a theatre in London to see a stage performance of the Diaries of Chris Mullin. At the interval, everyone poured outside for a bit of fresh air and late evening sunshine. She was with her husband Duncan Hames (then also an MP) and they chatted to me about self-sufficiency and life after Cowley Street.

I suspect, given a few more years, she will be taking on the role of leader.

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