Friday, June 30, 2017

Visiting the Gateshead Energy Centre

Gateshead Energy Centre June 17 (3)

One of the first acts of the Lib Dems in the Coalition in 2010 was to allow councils to set up energy companies. I'm pleased to say that Gateshead was one of the first councils to take up this new freedom. The Gateshead Energy Centre has been built. It is a combined heat and power plant and will sell electricity and heat to public and private sector buildings in the central Gateshead area. The Gateshead Energy Company has been set up to run the plant and sell the electricity and heat and it should be running at a profit in the near future, once the plant is up and running and the network of wires and pipes is completed.

I visited the plant yesterday to have a look around. I'm looking forward to proposals for new plants elsewhere in Gateshead.

Gateshead Energy Centre June 17 (5)

Gateshead Energy Centre June 17 (6)

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