Thursday, June 08, 2017

Election campaign day 50 - eggs and hedgehogs

delivering in High Spen June 17

Every Wednesday morning I take our surplus hen eggs to a farm shop in High Spen where they are sold. As yesterday was the last day before polling day, I not only took the eggs, I also took some bundles of tabloids to cover some unfinished patches (one in High Spen and 2 in Rowlands Gill).

delivering in Rowlands Gill June 17

Evening saw me back in Swalwell to finish a patch that was meant to be done on Tuesday. The downpour that day rather got in the way of deliveries. I didn't stop to have any conversations with voters but I did meet a hedgehog crossing a road. I will avoid puns about discussing prickly subjects!

hedgehog June 17 (2)

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