Friday, June 02, 2017

My latest video: What to do if you have bees in your garden

In May and June each year, lots of people contact me as a beekeeper (and councillor) for advice on what to do about bee colonies in gardens and walls. At the risk of getting a load of abuse from Labour about my lifestyle, I've put together a short video about what is going on with the bees and what to do in response.


Sabile Trimm said...

I did not know that you had bumble bees in the UK. I thought they were North American.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jonathan,


It's Dave Peckett ex 87 Napier Road (now in Rosebud Close) your ex neighbour for 15 years, I have a building wasps nest in my back garden, getting bigger by the day. Council have quoted 100 quid. I am currently disabled with a horrible thing called Chung Strauss Syndrome but want to do something so I can get back into my garden. Would a garden hose do it? Best always Dave

jonathanwallace said...

Hello David. I wouldn't advise a garden hose! You may end up with a lot of angry wasps! Sadly, this is one for the professionals. You could leave them as the colony will die out in the autumn but the wasps will go through a phase in the later summer when they aggressively chase after anything sweet.