Sunday, June 25, 2017

Visiting the Ravensworth Arms at Lamesley

Ravensworth Arms Lamesley June 17 (2)

We had a friend staying with us last weekend so we went out for lunch at the Ravensworth Arms at Lamesley. So this post is to wind up the sneering "socialists" of the Blaydon Labour Party on 2 counts. They attack me for eating in "high end" restaurants (I don't think I've ever eaten in such a place) and they spit venom at me because I keep goats (apparently this is a reason they claim for not taking me seriously.) The Ravensworth Arms is not a "high end" restaurant but is a pleasant pub/restaurant that happens to employ local residents. Indeed, I discovered one of the waitresses is a constituent of mine. She recognised me while serving us. She quizzed me about how our baby goat, Whinnie (we are raising him by hand), is doing. He featured in our general election tabloid so clearly my literature is being read and remembered by residents even if they aren't voting for me in large numbers in the general election! (Local elections are a different matter - the last time I got less than half the votes cast was when I was first elected in 1987, and even then I got 48.8%)

It's good to have a life outside politics. My local Labour detractors think otherwise. It will be interesting to see what attacks they will make on me when I am next up for election!

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