Monday, June 26, 2017

Roll out the barrel

Piglets Jul 12 2

The gay-hating, abortion-banning, creationist-believing DUP have done a deal with the Conservatives which they say, will last 5 years but with a review in 2 years' time. There will be some in the ranks of the Conservatives pleased that the like-minded DUP have Theresa May in a cage. There will however be many liberal Conservatives who will be very unhappy at the state of affairs.

As long as May keeps rolling out the pork barrels for the DUP to spend in Northern Ireland, she, or at least the Conservatives, will likely survive in office. Let's hope for her sake (though not the sake of the nation) she doesn't run out of pork.


Phil Beesley said...

It makes you think about how the Lib Dem negotiation with the Conservative Party was conducted.

"Do you want me to scratch your tummy?"

Oppose Corbyn said...

With all their faultts the DUP are vastly preferable to the cheerlaeders for murder who populate Sinn Fein.