Wednesday, July 23, 2008

At last Labour's leaflet has arrived

Just back home to find that Labour's by-election leaflet has arrived. And it's full of attacks on the Lib Dems! Lots of demands to know why the (Labour) council have not done certain things in the ward. For most of these we as the ward councillors have been demanding solutions for some time. Seems as though Labour's campaign however is based on an approach of stopping the area getting problems solved and then blaming the Lib Dems. The people will see through that.

They will also probably see through their ploy of being cynical about. Polyclinics. Seems Labour's other approach in Gateshead is to attack Labour policy. "Vote Labour as we are against Labour" seems to be their slogan.

I was beginning to fear Labour wasn't going to put something out in this byelection. I was worried there would be no Labour leaflet reminding people how bad Labour are. Have no fear now!

And finally, Labour are attacking the Tories, for voting against the NHS 60 years ago. Whilst I am a proponent of using an opponent's record against them, suggesting people should not vote for a political party for something that party did 60 years ago does seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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Steph Ashley said...

ah, fabulous! Letter to the local press on the way then?