Monday, July 21, 2008

Efocus now sent out

Email newsletter now sent to constituents. I hit the send button with seconds to spare. Any later and I would have left the office too late to catch the train. And even then I had to make a wild dash up Victoria Street. I jumped onto the train seconds before the doors closed.

So here I am on a train that has not been cancelled. I am still fuming about the serial incompetence of National Express. But my feelings really do go out to the staff of the company. They have to explain to inconvenienced customers that their trains are cancelled. The managers who take the easy decision of cancellation rather than ensuring their trains are available do not have to face the customers face to face. The train staff, most of whom seem to have been inherited from GNER, do well in the circumstances, are well mannered and good natured even if they are required to give you techno babble in response to queries about cancelled trains. If only National Express could be as good as their staff.

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