Thursday, July 17, 2008

Billy Elliot and food waste

Those of you who are my "friends" on Facebook will know that I went to see Billy Elliot the musical last night. I feel a slight sense of guilt about going at a time when we have a by-election on in my ward. The tickets were booked some time ago, well before the prospect of a by-election was before us. Likewise with the tickets booked for the Dolly Parton concert and the forthcoming Kylie Minogue concert. As recompense, I will tonight be writing the next email newsletter to constituents.

I did enjoy last night's show but I will be writing about the politics of it soon, though not at this moment. I want to be able to do some reading on the train to work (I started "Imperium" by Robert Harris yesterday). However, as we left the performance much later than expected, I was not back to the flat til nearly midnight. Too late to start cooking a meal. The local Chinese takeaway provided a hot meal instead. The same establishment provided dinner the night before as well. The result is that all the vegetables I bought on Monday are still sitting in the fridge unused. And there is no way they will be allowed to be wasted. The problem is that there is too much for tonight's meal. And they won't keep over the weekend.

So I am after recipes for preserving vegetables. Could the readers of this blog who occasionally communicate with me about food recipes please advise!? The alternative, throwing out good food (into the compost bin) is unthinkable.

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Greg said...

Imperium is excellent. What night are you at Kylie?

kevin scott said...

Pompeii is even better.

Robert Harris is excellent.

I still need to read his latest novel, which is (allegedly) bsed on Tony Blair.

Jonathan Wallace said...

Kylie is on Saturday 26th.

Haven't got far into Imperium so too soon to comment. However, I have enjoyed all the previous Harris novels. I've read Pompeii (best read after visiting the remains of the town) and enjoyed it.

Fatherland is my favourite.