Friday, July 18, 2008

I have delayed eFocus

Sorry Labour, I know your are gagging for it but eFocus is delayed til Monday. I have a video to add to it but it needs editing. I will do it over the weekend. So Labour won't be able to nick all our material over the weekend and pass it off as their own. Tough!!!

And now for today's National Express screw up. I booked a forward facing, window, airline style seat. I find myself in an aisle reverse facing seat. Well at least they got the airline style bit right. One out of three aint bad. Perhaps it is time for East Coast rail travellers to join together as a protest organisation. We could become the National Express Improvement Front. After all, what's National Express ever done for us?

Meanwhile, a kitchen update. Last night I made 5 jars of hot chili vegetable pickle made from a left over cauliflower, a left over onion, a left over tub of mushrooms and a left over pepper. Added to this was one bottle of white wine vinegar (the only thing that wasn't a left over), a handful of crushed black pepper, likewise of coriander seed, 4 cloves of left over garlic and some mustard seeds I found sitting in a jar. Chuck the whole lot into the jam pan with a bit of olive oil. Add one teaspoon of allspice and chilli powder to taste. Boil and them simmer for about 45 min then stick in clean jam jars. Let it brew for a few weeks then eat cold as a dip or on poppodoms.

This recipe was made up as I went along so it won't be appearing in a recipe book soon!

5 jars made. Two are heading up to Gateshead with me now.

More recipes to follow. I have a crop of gooseberries and rhubarb to pick over the weekend. The jam and tart season has arrived!

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