Saturday, July 05, 2008

See you tonight Dolly

This has been planned for months. Instead of spending my Saturday evening at home watching Dr Who, having a long bath and writing the occasional Focus newsletter, I am heading to London two days early to go to a Dolly Parton concert at the Dome. I do not count myself as a fan of Dolly but Richard decided to book a couple of tickets and then asked if I wanted to go. So I thought I would give it a go. And I am rather looking forward to it.

The need to be back in London early necessitated an early return to Gateshead, hence the reason I came back on Thursday evening. I spent the day working from home and in the evening I went round Whickham South and Sunniside ward with my colleagues to shoot a video for our next email newsletter to constituents, due soon.

I was able to visit the allotment for the first time in three weeks last night. I picked a few strawberries and looked on lovingly at our fabulous crop of weeds. Thanks to Dolly Parton, they will be allowed to grow for another week. Mind you, you should see my onions!

I was able to catch up with the last two editions of Dr Who, lovingly recorded by Sky+ in my absence. Wow! Alas, my visit to Dolly means Sky+ will be in operation again tonight.

This morning was spent visiting constituents. We have a problem developing in a particular location and residents had been in touch through the week. So I visited them and walked around the site. Officers will be sent the photos shortly!

I couldn't let a train journey go by without mentioning the latest cock up by National Excess. Today's boob involves a complete absence of any seat reservations. Apparently they had "technical problems in Edinburgh necessitating a switch in the set." I think that means that a train broke down.

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