Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A very incompetent attempt by Labour to campaign

Bless him, poor little Doug Henderson. For those of you who don't know him, little Dougie is a top level adviser to nutrition giant and health food restaurant chain operator McDonalds. And in his spare time, he is Labour MP for Newcastle North, a top target for the Lib Dems. Our candidate there is my council colleague Ron Beadle.

Labour in Newcastle have not been having a happy time recently. A large number of their councillors disappeared now the plug hole in the 2004 elections when the Lib Dems stormed to power. They have lost council leaders in a way that makes the Scottish labour party leadership look stable. And their councillors have continued to vacate their seats on the City council by losing more of them to the Lib Dems.

So someone in the Newcastle Labour Party must have had a bright idea and suggested they try to revive their fortunes by, errrr, well doing some campaigning! And even Little Big Mac Henderson has adopted this, for Labour, rather revolutionary idea.

But despite having been the political big boys in the North East for decades (thankfully no longer big in places like Newcastle and Durham) when it comes to campaigning, they are clueless.

Little Big Mac Henderson's so called residents' survey is a fine illustration of how not to do one, and why everything should at least be read before it goes out.

Take question 6: Given that the Labour Government has long term plans to address these issues. [sic] Which party will you think of supporting at the next General Election.

Possible answers: "Yes No Don't know" !!!!!!!!!!

And just to be pedantic for a moment, of the 7 questions asked, only 2 had a question mark!

Quite what Labour can make of the answer "yes" to a question about which party a person is think of supporting would be interesting if they were ever to publish the results. Sadly for Labour I suspect the vast majority of the survey forms will be deposited by residents into the vastly improved City Council recyclable waste collection boxes.

I've posted up the page from Little Big Mac's survey. Enjoy!


Andre Cave said...

This is just unbelievable. I can't believ my eyes. Does the leaflet say who it was published and printed by ?

Anonymous said...

Does something give you the impression that Dougy knows he's out at the next election ? He's certainly going out in style if that is the case.

Katie Rylands

Anonymous said...

Published by the LABOUR PARTY - that's a certainty.

Dougy out at the next election - a strong possibility.

Peter Senior