Sunday, July 20, 2008

By-election meeting

Just had a meeting of the by-election team here in my house. General agreement that the letter distributed by Labour yesterday was desperately dull. No sign of anything at all from the Conservatives. They have delivered no leaflets in local elections in my ward for about 16 years but I thought that as this is a by-election, they may have made some sort of effort. With the postal votes hitting the doormats on Tuesday, time is running out.

We finalised our plans for the rest of the campaign, but of course, I won't be outlining them here for my avid local Labour readers to read!

I phoned a few constituents tonight about casework and put them into my diary for visits later this coming week. Now I am sitting in the office at home, looking out of the window at pink clouds of the sunset and enjoying the smell of the dinner wafting up from the kitchen. David has just announced it's ready so I'm off to eat now.

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