Monday, July 14, 2008

Bagels but no bag

I left the office after 9pm this evening having spent the final 3 hours at my desk writing a Focus leaflet. By the time I got to Sainsburys on Victoria St, I realised I hadn't brought a shopping bag. Horror or horrors, I was reduced to getting a plastic carrier bag, the first time I have had to do that in nearly two years. Still, the bagels were on offer, bags of 5 for 79p. Mind you, until recently, they sold them for 50p a bag at the end of the day. I ate 2 by the time I got to the station.

Now Sainsburys, answer me this. Why sell bread making flour but not yeast at the Victoria St store? The yeast is rather a vital component, and I don't want to buy the ready made bread mix with yeast already included. That's just an excuse to bung up the price.

Meanwhile, let me just say hello to a regular reader of this blog (and regular star in it!) Dave Anderson, MP for Blaydon. We bumped into each other on the tube this morning at Kings Cross. Seems we share the same irritations with National Express. He told me he regularly reads about my blog posts about the joys of National Excess travel. Good to see Dave gets the train unlike his colleague and neighbour David Clelland who was found to have made significant use of air travel between Newcastle and London when the breakdown of MPs' travel costs was first made public.

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