Thursday, July 10, 2008

Facebook takes off

Friends and colleagues of mine may recall the Facebook group set up during the Sedgefield byelection last year called "Get Jonathan Wallace onto Facebook". In response I said I would go onto Facebook if 100 people joined the group. I eventually was required to keep my promise though I only set up a basic profile at the time.

Well, it started to grow and my fear about getting on to Facebook - that it would start to takeover - is sort of happening. What's more, the last couple of days has seen something of a minor flurry of people wanting "to be my friend".

I blame Greg Stone for this. He signed up as a friend of mine yesterday with the result my presence has been more widely spotted. And alas, I have made a number of visits since to see the latest about what my friends - virtual and real - are up to.

I may be seeking therapy if I let this finally take over my life.

Meanwhile, please enjoy some further trivia about my life which has already appeared on Facebook - we came third in the pub quiz last night, having lost our joint lead we enjoyed at the halfway point. Pity, the first prize was £52. No prizes for 2nd or third. Bloody typical.

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