Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A raspberry from the Cowley St food testing laboratory

Cowley St has, much to their liking, become a testing laboratory for my cooking. Last week I made a stash of raspberry jam and a jar was brought in for the food fans to try out (along with a jar of plum jam, made by David, and a jar of bramble jelly, made by Dad). All seem to be meeting with approval.

Tomorrow however they will have to test out my bread making skills. I have just bought the flour at Sainsburys (with the result I have missed the train by 2 minutes). So I'll be in the kitchen tonight baking away. David will no doubt read this blog post tomorrow morning and send me an email gently suggesting I do some cooking for him as well when I am back home later this week! I will fit it in around the Whickham South byelection, a meeting about a new riso and a visit to the Gateshead Summer Flower Show.

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