Thursday, July 17, 2008

Email newsletter written and waiting

I wrote our email newsletter eFocus this evening before leaving the office. It is edition number 51, not a bad total for a publication I invented only 5 years ago. Those eagerly awaiting it include certain members of the Labour party. I guess you people have written your election leaflet now, to get it out over this coming weekend for the postal votes arriving next week. In which case, sadly for those aforementioned Labour members, eFocus will be just a little too late for you to lift all the stories about what's happening on the ground in the Whickham area to stick in your own leaflet and claim as something you have done. Now, I wonder, was the timing of eFocus for this Friday accident or design?

And so to other things. I missed the train by 2 minutes this evening as I had to call into Sainsburys to get a bottle of vinegar and a jar of chilli powder. Following my blog post this morning about the need for pickling veg recipes, I received nothing satisfactory. So I am going to make my own up, literally as I go along. The only concept I have in mind is that I want to create some kind of hot pickle with these left over vegetables, hence the chilli powder. I'll tell you tomorrow whether it is a disaster or a success but I have a couple of hours ahead of me in the kitchen.

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