Monday, July 14, 2008

The Monday morning blog - back to the Monday morning run

It has been quite a few weeks since I last caught the train from Newcastle to London on a Monday morning. And look at what I have missed. How about the seat reservation in coach D on a train that doesn't have a coach D? (You can always count on National Excess to bring us such enjoyable challenges!) Or how about the person sitting close by who talks constantly, loudly and in a high pitch and at such a speed that she has turned her vocal chords into a human machine gun? Or how about the bloke who speaks loudly in expletives about his ex wife. Perhaps these two conversations will cancel themselves out! How have I survived so long without all of this?

Meanwhile, allotment news and I bring you the dramatic information that we have our first gerkin and it has been picked ready for pickling! And not only that, but we ate strawberries and raspberries picked fresh last night. It just doesn't get more exciting than this! Meanwhile, watch out for the allotment video comiing to YouTube soon!

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