Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Conspiring to stop me

It has been one of those evenings in which you have loads to do but things that normally don't go wrong end up doing precisely that.

It started with the North East Democrat, the regional email newsletter I produce. This evening was the latest it could go out. It is after all the July edition and so recipients should have an expectation of receiving it in July. Tomorrow I can't do it, not with the Whickham South byelection being held.

Newastle had sent me some material for inclusion but somehow, what they sent blocked the document from being converted into a pdf. This necessitated a last minute rewrite to take out their material (sorry Newcastle Lib Dems, I'll try to include it in the next edition) so that I could get the damn document to save. I then threw it onto email to send it out to the 500 recipients. I was already late for my dinner appointment.

It was then a rush to get to my dinner appointment. I turned off the pc only to realise I had failed to send to Gateshead a datafile I need tomorrow. PC had to be turned back on and file recovered.

I rushed out of the building to head off to dinner, only to return to Cowley St to turn the pc back on to recover the code to get my rail ticket from the ticket machine at Kings Cross.

I was then phoned to be told that the restaurant was full so we had to do a quick change of eating venue. I said we should meet at the Chinese Buffet on Strutton Ground. We really were slumming it at this point. £8.90 for all you could eat. The bottle of wine cost nearly double that. The big problem then was that this place took only cash. I had to dash off to a cash machine.

Believe it or not, I got to Kings Cross in time (just) to catch the 8pm train.

I am giving no secrets away when I say I am returning home early for the byelection in my ward of Whickham South and Sunniside tomorrow. I'll be reporting live from the count tomorrow!
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