Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Deafened by train announcement

Andrew, my older brother, was in London today for a conference so he arranged to meet me at Victoria Station for a quick drink. And whilst there, David phoned to say a constituent had called and to give me the details. I could barely hear him whilst I was in Weatherspoons (yes we were really splashing out!) So when I phoned the constituent, I went outside onto the balcony in the hope it would be a bit quieter.

Bad idea! At that point the world's longest and loudest train announcement was made. I eventually got enough details to be able to deal with the case. I suspect when I see the constituent on Saturday, I will be able to fill in the gaps caused by what I couldn't hear!

I was actually late meeting Andrew. I spent more time than I realised talking to another constituent before I left the office. Mind you, it was a bit quieter at my desk and I could hear what was being said!

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