Saturday, July 26, 2008

Heading back to London for Kylie

I am currently sitting on platform 3 of Newcastle Central Station waiting for the train to London (which remarkably has not been cancelled by National Express!) My early return is due to my attendance tonight at a concert by a Miss Kylie Minogue, a provider of popular light music. So I'm off to the 02 for some entertainment.

It could not have been more badly timed. This is the final weekend of the Whickham South and Sunniside byelection to Gateshead Council but the Kylie tickets were booked months ago, well before a byelection in my own ward was ever a possibility. Still, it has not been too much of a problem. Whilst it was my job to produce all the literature (thankfully now all done!) Noel Rippeth, our group leader, has handled the logistics on the ground. John McClurey, our candidate, has led the canvassing.

Meanwhile, I can now report that the miracle has truely happened. I am now on the train and I am heading to London. I even have the correct seat reservation! This is a truely amazing journey. Not a thing wrong. As long as you ignore the fact that the toilet in coach H has sprung a leak and, due to the stench, the coach has been evacuated. So no sweet smell of success here for National Express.....

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