Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Let them eat bread

I made the bread last night as mentioned in my previous blog post. And I took the loaf in to Cowley St this morning. It was gone in about 10 minutes. A success I do believe.

Having just finished some ward work in the office, I am now heading to the flat. We will be picking fruit in the garden when I get back. Cowley St is expecting a gooseberry pie tomorrow!

I can report however that the wood pigeons ate our entire crop of cherries in our London garden whilst we were on holiday. Fortunately, back home in Gateshead, the fruit ripens a bit later. I'll be restocking when I get home.

Any recipes for wood pigeon pie would also be appreciated!

BTW I have another David Anderson (Labour MP for Blaydon) story of his saying one thing then doing another. More about that at some point soon.....

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Tim said...

Good Job! :)