Wednesday, October 18, 2006

1000 video viewings in a week

I checked my YouTube channel this morning. There have been 1000 viewings of the various videos on it in the past week. The biggest increases usefully have come with my local news stories which for once beat the various clips of Rio de Janiero, Egypt, Cuba and so on. The reason for the increased viewings of the local material is down to the email news letters I have sent out in the past week or so to residents in Gateshead. Circulation list is now nearly 1000 directly but there are many who receive efocus via family and friends.

I have changed the style of the videos as well. They are each single issue and the link to the video is at the end of the article about it in the efocus. This means they are much more "dog whistle" - we have found that most people reading efocus stroll down the screen looking for the stories that are of intterest to them. The result is that more people are viewing the single issue videos than the "local news headlines" style I had previously tried.

I filmed one video on Sunday afternoon about bus services, though I did one clip on Friday outside Parliament. We have had bus service cuts in our area recently so we carried out a survey on the impact. The video explained the results (the outline of which was given in the efocus).

The week before that I filmed one about an application for an opencast mine in my ward. This one was viewed by over 100 within about 24 hrs of the link being sent out.

In total, preparation, filming and editing takes about 2 hours. Cost is zero (once you have the equipment). This is definitely a system of communicating I would recommend. Compare that to the cost and time of doing a target letter!

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