Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cameron Love Fest - enemy at the gate

I was a bit delayed at my hotel this morning as my laptop kept rejecting the audio files I recorded yesterday. I needed to clear them off the audio recorder or risk running out of memory space. At the third atempt I managed to load them onto the laptop.

So I got to the conference entrance when the queue consisted entirely of myself and James Girling who is here on business (James is a Lib Dem cllr in Southwark and Sarah Kennedy's brother). Well, James was allowed through but they took one look at my badge and said, "Sorry you can't come in this entrance.." "But I came through here yesterday," I replied.

No way would they let me through. Turns out I have a media pass and media are only allowed through the media entrance. Why separate them in this way was beyond me.

So I got through the media gate and am now in the main hall in the debate on the economy. Sorry, debate is probably a bit too misleading a term. It seems as though even the floor speakers are decided and stage managed in advance. All the floor speakers are sitting in the front corner of the hall. None of them have been critical of the Cameroonie leadership. But there are some hints by speakers at the frustration Tories are suffering about not being able to call for tax cuts. So that brings me to my next point: the Centre Forum is hosting a meeting at lunch time on the Lib Dem tax plans. I'll be attending that. I wonder what the response of the Tories will be to it.

And today's hot topic at conference is "Pink rinses are better than blue at conference." Heady stuff.

George Osborne is on the platform now. I am right to call the blog entries on this conference "Cameron Love Fest". I'm reaching for the sick bag now......

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