Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mosques, minarets and museums

Holidays are meant to be for relaxation. So they say. The reality is that you get up modestly early local time (7.30am) even though your body is saying it's 5.30am. All to be able to do a tour of Istanbul.

The itinerary was the Blue Mosque, Chora Museum, lunch, the Byzantine cistern and then St Sophia, now a museum and prior to that a mosque and prior to that an orthodox cathedral.

Typical that over lunch an email should arrive from the Newcastle Evening Chronicle asking me to do an interview later this week or early next week, on my favourite subject of the moment, video newsletters for constituents. Hopefully they can be persuaded to hold off a little longer.

I have been asked by a fellow passenger what I feel about being surrounded by so many elderly people on this holiday. I was tempted to reply that having this month been to the Tory conference (as an observer) people on this cruise are positively young! Tempted to say it but actually decided not to!

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