Thursday, October 12, 2006

Parliamentary Campaigner and Appendicitis

At last, the first draft of the next Parliamentary Campaigner is completed. I finished it last night. This is the fastest turn around of a single edition we have achieved - the editorial board only met last Friday to decide on content. It is normally the case that there is amonth between the board meeting and PCA members receiving the final edition in their inboxes.

It will of course have to go through the inevitable correction of typos stage and there is bound to be a decision to change the layout to make the bits with heavy text look more interesting. But hopefully it should be with members in a matter of hours rather than days.

But with the first draft done, I could then switch to doing the North East Democrat, which is emailed monthly to 400 members in the North East. I have 2 and a half pages left to do on conference but fortunately I press ganged some unsuspecting members to cover various debates for me!

News from the home front not so good last night. 2 days ago my mother emailed me to tell my Dad had gone into hospital for suspected appendicitis. Yesterday he had the operation. He won't be out of hospital for a few days.

That sort of sinks my plan to win the jam war in Cowley St (see blog entry for 30th September). He was being lined up to pick a load of fruit this week that I could use on Sunday to make a new set of jams that would knock Linda Seeking's lemon curds for six. May have to call this one a draw now.

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