Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Baby pictures - beating Stephen Tall at his own game!

Stephen Tall, Blogging Queen of the Year (2006), wanted to hide from public view a photo of himself holding a baby by putting it onto his blog so that it would be hidden from view by anyone else on the planet. (A Liberal Goes A Long Way).

In an attempt not to be outdone and with like minded spirit of not wanting it seen by anyone else on the planet, I have sorted through my folder of photos on my pc in Cowley St, found this picture of me and my niece Lily taken during the elections in 2004, a few days after she was born, and put it on the blog for no one else to see.

In digging up photo relics of the past, I could of course do a raid on my election photos from 1987 when I was first elected, and looked a bit younger than I do now! But I won’t inflict that on bloggers…well not yet!

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