Friday, October 20, 2006

Iceberg right ahead!

We have just had lifeboat drill in case the ship hits an iceberg or something and sinks. Somehow the relaxed way people sat around in the muster point listening calmly to instructions on how to step over the edge into the water or which lifeboat we need to get into will not be repeated if we were to be holed below the waterline. Somehow panic will inevitably replace polished practice. The life jackets are an appalling dayglo orange colour better suited to LiB Dem election posters! Anyway, we set sail from Istanbul in 5 minutes and head into the Black Sea for Trabzon, on the North Turkish coast.

So far we have taken nearly 250 photos on this holiday, but only about 20 minutes of video. Much of it was taken this morning when we took a cruise around the Bosphorus Straits. This afternoon we hit the bazaars of Istanbul and stocked up with Turkish Delight and herbs and spices. Lots of pictured taken to be added to my photo collection of markets of the world I have visited!

Believe it or not, dinner on board comes with a suggested dress code. So I am sitting in my suit at the moment waiting for the 2nd sitting to be called at 8.30pm. We are liikely to abandon the bar shortly with its morbidly mediocre live band playing the hits of yesteryearand take our GTs out onto the promenade deck. We can feel the engines just rumbling into life now. So it's goodbye to Istanbul.

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