Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ming - a man of detail

I edit 2 publications which, as standard, contain quotes directly from Ming as Leader. Parliamentary Campaigner goes to Parliamentary Candidates Association members. North East Democrat goes to over 400 members in the North East by email (plus a number of others who for whatever reason have been put on the circulation list). It is a mark of Ming's diligence that he reads all content in his name before it goes out. Happily, for both new editions of these publications the changes were minimal. Though on previous occasions he has been good at spotting my typos! Very good on the details.

So emailed out tonight was The North East Democrat, just in time to remind everyone of the regional conference this weekend in Gateshead. And tomorrow Parliamentary Campaigner is emailed out to members. Beats me how we coped before emails. Somehow we did. It just cost us an arm and a leg in printing and postage!

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