Saturday, October 14, 2006

I have been certificated

Well, here I am in all my glory, complete with my old university chum Tim Farron MP. In the dim and distant past, when I was candidate in Hexham (1992 general election), Tim was one of a number of students from Newcastle University I dragged around the wilds of Northumberland delivering leaflets. 14 years later, having beaten me to Parliament, he is the special guest at the Northern Region conference where he hands me the prize for best political campaign, best Focus leaflet (highly commended but not 1st prize) and I stood in for Winlaton and High Spen ward in Blaydon who were unable to get to the conference. I collected their best election campaign award (but I did write their leaflets!)

And then afterwards I went with David to see Dad in the QE Hospital in Gateshead. He is up and about after his appendicitis op but has lost some of his appetite.

I'm currently writing a script for a video I'm doing tomorrow on bus services. I shot a scene for it on Friday outside the Commons. It only took me six goes to get it right! Meanwhile my video camera is uploading all the video I took at conference this morning. Just to bore everyone tomorrow I'll stick up on the blog the bit about me getting the prizes!

And keeping to the video theme, I sent out another email newsletter on Friday to about 300 addresses in the northern half of Blaydon constituency. There have been 25 hits on the video that was linked to it. Not too bad. One of the videos I linked to the eFocus I sent out in my own and neighbouring wards a week ago has as a result had nearly 200 viewings (it was sent to 650 so a 30% response rate is not bad!)

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