Sunday, October 22, 2006

All at sea

This entry probably won't get onto the blog til Sunday as the maritime network sends text messages but for some reason won't deal with my emails. Nevertheless I am writing this at the end of Saturday with 7 hours to go before we arrive at Trabzon in North East Turkey.

Saturday is one of two days we will spend entirely at sea on this holiday. So we started this morning with a visit to the bridge and then went to a lecture by Sir Richard Parsons (a former UK ambassador to various countries inc Turkey and former Foreign Office adviser to the late George Brown) about Turkish history.

After lunch we had a lecture on the Crimean War by Major Colin Robins. Then a bit of time catvhing up on my own reading before having to get dressed up in dinner jacket for a more formal captain's reception and dinner.

Yet again I have fellow holiday makers at my dinner table who are Lib Dem supporters (one of whom lives in Vince Cable's constituency and of whom she spoke very highly). Somehow, whenever I am asked what I do for a living, and I explain I work for the party, people become very interested in what my job entails. Years ago, saying I worked for the Lib Dems was a bit of a conversation killer. Not anymore. If anything it is the reverse.

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