Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Broad beans and Parliamentary Campaigner

I did some work tonight on the next edition of the Parliamentary Campaigner which is due out shortly. There's quite a bit in it about the Green Switch Campaign and a bit of a round up on conference. Which reminds me, I must get my report done on the Conservative conference. (Shouldn't take long to write up the policy side.)

Some of you were spared my blog contribution this afternoon in which I went head to head with Stephen Tall about politicians and baby photos. Somehow, there was a 2 hour gap on libdemblogs so I wonder if other blog updates from that time have been missed as well.

I got kicked out of Cowley St tonight at 9pm when Lib Dem Calling came calling at my office to give me my marching orders as they were wanting to lock the building and set the alarm. So I headed back to the flat, via Sainsburys for some cat food - I didn't realise how expensive that damned cat of ours would be when, as a stray 6 years ago, we foolishly started feeding it. It wasn't long before she finally moved in. She gets to eat meat. All I had tonight was a bowl of bean soup (made from broad beans we grew in our London back garden).

The cat's black and white and called Jess.....yes I know my Postman Pat!

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