Monday, October 02, 2006

Chaos at Conservative registration

It's Monday morning and it's my first day as an observer at the Conservative conference. And it's pandemonium at registration. No one should ever ever again complain about the regsitration at Lib Dem conference after experiencing this.

We first joined a long queue for late accreditation. At the front of the queue I was asked for my name and date of birth that was then written onto the back of a cloakroom ticket. I was then sent to another queue to be told to go and wait in an auditorium where there are a large number of people sitting around wondering what wll happen next. Occasionally someone's name will be called out. Apparently we are waiting for the names on the scraps of paper to be checked on the computer. So we are waiting and waiting and waiting.......

Next report later today.

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James said...

By all accounts they'll have to go a long way to beat Labour's registration SNAFU last week.