Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fiona Hall Question Time Success

I was beginning to fear that we would get no one to the coffee morning and question time I was hosting with Fiona Hall, North East MEP, before the event this morning. I didn't have to entertain these fears after all. It ended up being standing room only in my living room. The question time was videoed and the raw results look good though there will need to be some editing to get it down into useful size chunks.

I have just been out shooting a video about a planning appeal over a rejected opencast application in my ward in Gateshead. The link for this will go onto the next email newsletter to constituents.

My next job is to finish editing the videos I took of the LDEG meetings at conference though I have just been reminded by David I need to choose the excursions we are going on during our forthcoming holiday. Difficult choices ahead......

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