Sunday, October 08, 2006

Is there a Doctor in the House?

Just back from a Marie Curie fundraising event held in one of the community centres in my ward. The theme of the night was "goodies and baddies" so I went as James Bond!

At the end I was press ganged into doing a starring role in a series of on stage gags. Being the shy, retiring sort, I had to be forced to do it! I was picked on as they wanted a doctor to play a doctor and since there were only 2 doctors in the room, and the other one was the dj (amazing what consultants from the Royal Victoria Infirmary do in their spare time) I ended up playing the starring role. Not that I have the appropriate doctorate! I wouldn't know my bunnions from my backside. I was given the worst set of doctor gags in creation. Fortunately by then, a large number of people had left.

I nearly didn't get to the event myself. I got back late from a Post Office petition gathering exercise. 165 petition forms delivered in the morning. I collected 45 tonight.

Photo: Dr Jonathan checks whether or not he has a heart!

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