Wednesday, October 18, 2006

We have arrived

We have been in Istanbul for about three hours now though we have seen nothing of the city as yet as we arrived after sunset. The ship is moored here til Friday evening.

Just had dinner in the main dining room. We are seriously young compared to the other passengers but at our table tonight we got onto the subject of politics. It started because someone asked me what I do for a living. After all they are all retired so the presence of David and myself representing the "younger generation" has caused a minor ripple of interest. So when I explain what I do, it means a conversation about politics. I thought this was supposed to be a holiday! The couple I was talking to were from Devon and were Lib Dem supporters. They like Ming but said he should have gone for the leadership when Paddy retired. Quite an interesting conversation.

Tomorrow we do a tour of Istanbul and then head out into the city in the evening. We are 2 hours ahead of UK so it is now 12.15am and we are in one of the ship's bars enjoying a GT.
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