Tuesday, July 10, 2007

69 - the Conservatives' new low

The Conservatives in Gateshead scored a record low in last week's Dunston and Teams by-election. They came 4th with a mere 69 votes, their lowest vote ever in a ward anywhere in the borough. So there is certainly a Cameron effect working here - since his election as Tory Leader, his party has clocked up their worst electoral performances in Gateshead. Well done Dave!

As for the BNP, this was their top target seat in the North East, and despite a campaign by the Labour party to talk up the BNP vote, their performance was dismal. As I said in previous blog posts the BNP are a busted flush in the ward. I would go further now and say they are finished altogether there. They must be feeling upset that the tactics of their Labour friends did not work!

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