Friday, July 06, 2007

Photos from the launch of the Sedgefield campaign

The launch of the Lib Dem campaign in Sedgefield was marred by a Labour mob who attacked the gathering in Trimdon Green (photos of that to follow). There are also rumours circulating about a video someone shot of the gathering that shows the Labour party behaving in an appalling way at the gathering. I wonder who shot that! And I wonder when that will first see light of day......

Anyway, here are the photos I was able to take that do not include the Labour mob that tried to break up the press launch.

Candidate Greg Stone with Andrew Stunell MP.

Decades of Labour neglect - and then ripping it up years of Labour neglect.

Greg and Andrew get to meet the voters.

Greg delivers the next tabloid to a house in Trimdon Village (but not to Blair's house!)

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