Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How did I get invited to this?

Somehow I got an invite to Lib Dems in Public Relation reception at the National Liberal Club. Not sure why I was invited as I don't work in public relations but thank you anyway. The National Liberal Club is a fantastic building, even if it did take me a while to find my way out. It was also an opportunity to talk to friends I haven't seen for some time, including Sarah Kennedy, and then Clive and Charlotte Parry, a couple I haven't seen for 6 years, since they were married and held their wedding reception in the NLC!

I am now on the train heading back to the flat. My plan was to do some gardening tonight. You can forget that! I am going back armed with a Sainsbury pizza. There was a huge queue in front of me waiting to get to the tills. I found that the person in front of me had no shopping. Then after a few minutes, someone joined her with a big basket of Sainsburys goodies. I really hate it when people queue jump like that but once the person arrived with the basket, the other person wandered over to the door of the store so she could continue to talk to people on her phone. I muttered something loudly about how polite it would be if people joined the rear of the queue and was completely ignored!
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