Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We had 2 weeks' rain in 10 minutes yesterday

The storm that broke when I was in Trimdon yesterday turned out to be as bad as I experienced! The equivalent of 2 weeks' rain fell in 10 minutes. Most of the region experienced it at some point. It was remarkable how sunny it was yesterday evening given the intensity of the preceding storm.

Anyway, in Sedgefield today we have, errr, not sure actually! My diary is on my desk in the office at Newton Aycliffe and I am currently sitting on the train waiting to go down to the constituency. I think we have the BBC here at some point. I did read the diary last night but I think I was too tired to take it all in!

We have a casualty in this by-election. Yesterday my main video camera died on me. Whilst that may bring a smile to all those Labour hooligans who were caught by me on video recently, I am pleased to point out that I do have a back up camera. Normal service is therefore being resumed immediately. However, a trip to a camera shop to purchase a new video camera is on the cards.

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